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Asheville Internet Marketing

The right app can make all the difference!

Web Star has access to over 250+ powerful web apps that can be added to your website. We can help you select and set up the best apps for your business.  Some of the more popular ones allow you to:


  • Create an Online Forum

  • Sell Products from your Online Store (example)

  • Create a Custom Order Form (example)

  • Build an email marketing database

  • Send Broadcast Emails

  • Restaurant Menu Application (example)

  • Have a "Live Chat" with visitors

  • Book Appointments with customers

  • Hotel or Rental Property Reservation App

  • Use Survey App for customer feedback

  • Send Invitations to host an event

  • 360-degree images


Get Traffic, Collect Leads & Streamline Your Business

Your new Wix website, designed by Web Star, comes with a built-in suite of marketing and customer management tools designed to help grow your business.

  1. Get traffic with email marketing

  2. Get leads with chat and forms

  3. Manage conversations from your inbox

Ascend by Wix

"Anyone can build a website, 

we can build your business. "

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