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Search Engine Advertising with Measurable Results

Over 70% of people searching the Internet use Google, we help small business owners advertise with Google AdWords.  Setting up and monitoring an AdWords campaign does not need to be time consuming, just call Web Star.  Our digital marketing experts and industry leading technology work together to optimize your campaign and bring you more customers.


Web Star International can setup and monitor your Pay Per Click advertising campaign with all the major search engines, including Google. This is often the most cost effective forms of advertising, and the easiest to measure results.  Our monthly reports show:

  • Impressions (# times displayed)

  • Visitors (# of clicks)

  • Phone Calls (and length of each call)

  • Emails (including date and time)

  • Contact Info (name, address, phone)

Google AdWords

Not all search marketing solutions are the same.


Breadth of Publishers  Our platform will display your add on all major search engines and directories.

Our network covers 98% of places people search


Conversion-Based Optimization

Your budget is automatically allocated to keywords and publishers driving the most calls, emails, and form fills.

Your budget is optimized up to twice daily


Google Quality

Account Champion

Our ads are proven to have the highest average Quality Score across their Channel Sales Partners.

Better quality ads can mean better ad visibility

The best possible result is to be on the first page of Google in 3 places when someone searches for your company, product or service.
1. Google Ads are normally at the top of the page.
2. Google business profiles include reviews and a map with a red dot for your location.
3. Organic refers to the "free" listings based on how well the website is optimized.
Both the Google business profile and organic positions are free, so every business should take advantage of this.  Since they are free and most businesses do, it has become much more competitive for the limited space on page one.
If you need more customers, you should consider a "Pay Per Click" ad campaign.  We have partnered with an online advertising company with a proven platform and the experience to get results.
Advantage of the Web Star advertising platform include:
  • Campaigns are optimized across ALL publishers

  • Your budget is automatically focused on what is driving the most phone calls and leads

  • Our proprietary algorithm is running 24/7/365

  • The platform automatically makes the necessary changes to maximize your budget

  • The platform contains 15+ years of historical data

  • More than 1.5 million monthly campaigns run since 2003

  • 50 million active keywords under management

  • Servicing 31 major categories, 1,100 sub-categories and 60,000 specialty categories

  • Detailed monthly reports that make it easy to measure return on investment

  • A digital marketing expert that monitors the results of your campaigns

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