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Welcome to Web Star

Does your website need some caffeine?

With over 2 billion websites online, getting results requires effort.

Too many people create websites and then ignore them when they are "finished". A good website is never finished.  To get results in our competitive world today takes constant effort.  It's easy to create a website, it takes years of experience to create a caffeine buzz.


At Web Star International, we strive to create websites that are not only visually appealing but also tailored to the needs of our clients and their businesses. Our experienced team of web designers are passionate about helping you reach more customers, increase sales and ultimately grow your business.

Our creative websites are designed to be user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and search engine optimized. With our custom web design services, you can have the website of your dreams that will make a lasting impression on your customers. Call our office in Asheville, NC to get started.

Search Engine Optimization

Are they looking for you?


We live in a busy world, everyone is competing for attention.  This applies to your customers also and why having an effective online marketing strategy is critical to success.


It's not enough to check all the boxes, you need to do it better than your competition.  It's not enough to get traffic, you need to get them to take action by calling or contacting you by email.


A "bounce" is when a potential customer visits your website and leaves without looking at other pages.  If your bounce rate is high, you have a problem we can solve.


Our goal is to attract potential customers and present the right information in the best format so they contact you about your product or service.  We can help make your phone ring.

What Makes Web Star Better?

We have helped over 200 companies use the Internet to grow their business. We have the experience and we care.

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